Starburst slot machine at Royal Panda Casino UK

Starburst slot machine at Royal Panda Casino UK

July 26, 2019

An In-Depth Examination of Starburst Slots

If you are a lover of casino slot games, you have probably come across the Starburst title in several houses. Chances are that you have even had a go at it while trying your gambling luck. If, on the other hand, you are new to the casino gaming world, here's an introduction to one of the most popular games that casino enthusiasts play: Starburst.

You will be hearing the game mentioned in many gaming forums, all for good and worthwhile reasons. This Starburst slot review article is a good point to start off regarding this game. Read on to understand what Starburst is, why it is loved so, and why you should also get in on the fun as you chase big wins.

What is Starburst Slots?

Starburst is an online video slot game that has enjoyed massive popularity since its introduction to the gaming market around a decade ago. It is a creatIon of Net Entertainment (NetEnt). The game, just like traditional slot machines, operates by having reels spin and settle on one of numerous spots. If the player ad bet on that spot, then they are said to have won that round of play.

The only difference from old-age slot games is that rather than using a machine, this game uses software to execute commands. It is thus played virtually over the internet. Players see a video of the gameplay just as they would look at the screen of a slot machine.

  • Starburst Appearance

Starburst uses crystals as its basic element. That probably rings a bell to anyone who has been on an online casino. The crystals are multi-coloured and keep changing as the game progresses. As a result, they create a highly exciting interface that players love.

  • Technical Format

The game comprises of five reels and ten pay lines. Players make a combination of choices across these, then use the money in their betting wallets to place a bet on their choice. The number of pay lines makes the game easy to play while at the same time maintaining a healthy chance of winning the bet placed.

How to Play Starburst

Obviously, you need to be on a site that offers the game of Starburst in order to be able to play. There are numerous sites that have adopted the title, so finding one should not be a problem. Once you are on such a site, you will then require to head to the Starburst page from the menu.

If you want to play for real money, you might need to first ensure that there is money in your betting account. Many houses, however, have several offers that do not necessarily require you to play without necessarily adding money to your wallet.

A player is able to control the mode of play by regulating their bet. The first step towards this is picking the number of pay lines you want to be active when you play. By reducing the number of pay lines, you increase the probability of the reel coming to a stop at your specified spot. It should, however, be noted that the same action reduces the amount of money that you can win on that particular bet.

Once the pay lines are chosen, you can then go ahead and choose the level at which you want to play. More advanced levels mean greater risk but also offer a promise of great returns in the event of a win. Players also need to choose their desired coin value as they place their bet. One can always go for the Max Bet to increase the possible win. If playing this way is not familiar to you yet, or you are just not in the mood to make choices, you can choose the game's autoplay option and let the machine play for you.

Getting the game rolling is done by hitting the 'Spin’ button that appears at the very bottom of your device screen. The button looks similar in both desktop and mobile versions of the Starburst online slot.

Once a round of the game is rolling, wild symbols will appear on the second, third and fourth reels. This is a software-controlled occurrence. In the event a wild symbol appears, the feature that it represents is spread all around the reel. This raises the amount you are likely to win. Wild symbols also result in a re-spin, which means the game spins one or more times along the same choices you had made at the start of the round.

Situations Where You can Enjoy Starburst Free Play

New and loyal Starburst players can always enjoy a number of free rounds even when they do not have money in their betting accounts. In the event you earn free play with money in your account, it will not be deducted when you place or lose stakes. Such instances include:

  • Welcome Bonuses

Seeing as it is a really popular title, many houses offer free Starburst spins for new players joining their sites. These enable new players to get a feel of and acclimatise to the site, with the possibility of winning and no risk of losing.

  • Loyalty Points

As people play within various sites, they earn free loyalty points. Once accumulated, it is possible to redeem these points in the form of free Starburst spins.

  • Deposit Bonuses

Some houses reward you with free Starburst slot spins for making an initial deposit into your account. Others give the same token of appreciation for remaining loyal and continuously playing the title.

  • High-Roller Bonuses

If you constantly play with big money, the house you play in is more likely than not to offer you a front-row gambling seat. This VIP treatment is often extended to you in the form of free rounds of Starburst. Many high-rollers love it and you are likely to fall in love too!

Why Do People Love Starburst?

There are a number of reasons why Starburst slots are very popular among the masses. From gameplay to the interface and pay-outs, the game is just irresistible.

  • Unbelievable RTP

Starburst slots have an awesome Return To Player (RTP) rate of 96.1%. This means that, over time, the money that goes back to players in the form of winnings is over 96% of the entire stake. Now, this might not be a particularly short duration, but it means that players often win; that is the only way such a return can be achieved.

Furthermore, it means that every time you play, you stand a chance to win big. The Starburst Jackpot is a great chance to be the player that fulfils the game's RTP.

  • Ease of Play

The game's interface and the number of reels and pay lines make it easy to understand even for newbies. The crystal characters make it a starry game and one that does not easily get boring.

Houses Where You Can Play Starburst Slots

Basically, you can play Starburst Slots in any house that offers NetEnt games. It is among the most popular NetEnt games and probably the one that every gaming house looks for. 888 Casino is one of the most popular casinos where you can play the game.

Starburst Slots Tips

Playing Starburst slots does not require any skill, really. The simple interface is self-explaining. Given there is not much skill you can master when playing slots, all you need is tonnes of luck and you could always be the next millionaire.

That said, there is always some advice that a seasoned gamer can give. For starters, always bet handsome hands. Betting little amounts reduces the amount you get even if you win, which means a long gaming session could end up with very little gains even when you are on a good streak.

Always play the jackpot alongside your bets. There really is no telling which spin could prove lucky, and you do not want to miss out if that spin is yours. Above all, remember that, despite the fun, Starburst is a form of gambling. Always play responsibilities and walk away from losses early enough.

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